About Me.

Interesting facts about me. 

I use to be the most interesting man in the world. I once counted to infinite. Twice. I beat a spelling bee at spelling. I run a 2 minute mile. The boogie man is afraid of me.

Well to be honest none of these things are true all i am is a family man with an awesome wife and son who happens to be a wedding photographer. I love what i do and i hope it comes across in my photography.

Here are a few true facts about me.

The happiest three days in my life have been the day i married my wife, the birth of my son, and the red sox winning the 2004 World Series. (my wife will tell you sometimes she believes the Red Sox are number one on that list).

I am a wedding photographer. I love my family. I am a baseball fanatic, a college football junkie and the NFL reigns supreme on Sundays in the fall. I love meeting new people. I hope to share one of the happiest days of your life with you not only as your photographer but also as your friend.

Feel free to contact me and lets start a conversation about things that make you happy.


Photograph by Gabe Aceves



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